Passport Pictures Do’s and Dont’s

Getting ready for a trip, but need to update your Passport Photo.  Below is a list of the common mistakes that could delay receiving your Passport on time. Don’t wear a costume….you may look totally awesome in the Big Bird costume, but the US State Department requires you to were […] Read more »

Why and What to Shred?

Why Shred? Document shredding is a process used to destroy paper documents by cutting the paper into very small pieces. There are two main reasons why document shredding is important: to prevent identity theft and safely dispose of confidential information. Identity theft is one of the fasted growing crimes. Even […] Read more »

We can pack your most fragile items!

Dilworth Packing Company can pack anything….one of the many things people try to save money on is packing the most fragile of items.  The vase below we packed with styro foam sheets and double boxed.  The vase should be framed tightly in bubble wrap, and then surrounded by sheets of foam; then placed inside another boxed […] Read more »

Mailing your Tax Return to the IRS

It’s that time of year-TAX TIME.  We’re asked what is the best way to send back your tax return to the IRS.  The only acceptable proof of timely mailing is USPS Certified or Registered Mail.  Use of Priority Mail, a certificate of mailing, an Express Mail receipt, delivery confirmation, and […] Read more »