Shipped Mayan ArtworkCustom shipping crate for Mayan artworkShipped Autographed George Foreman MufflerClothes and furniture packed in boxes on shipping palletWe shipped Elton Johns Piano Stool to Las VegasPacked king size mattress and bed on shipping palletShipped Grandfather Clock to West VirginiaPacked and crated Grandfather ClockPacked Boxes on Shipping Pallet, to San FransiscoCrate photo - 42 pieces of artwork shipped to Kenya
Mayan artwork, 2000 years old, valued at $20,000
Custom crate for Mayan artwork
Autographed George Foreman Muffler
A college students clothes and furniture to Illinois
Elton Johns Piano Stool to Las Vegas
King size mattress and bed
Grandfather Clock shipped to West Virginia
Grandfather Clock packed and crated.
Clients home packed and shipped to San Fransisco
42 pieces of artwork shipped to Kenya

Custom Boxes & Crates

Stock corrugated boxes are limited in the sizes that are available and don’t always meet all needs. We can custom-make a box or crate to fit virtually anything. At Dilworth Packing Company were packaging experts, we know which materials to use and how to create custom containers that fit your item like a glove and protect it while it’s being shipped. Dilworth Packing Company is the preferred shipper for many of the Art Galleries in and around Charlotte.