Passport Pictures Do’s and Dont’s

Getting ready for a trip, but need to update your Passport Photo.  Below is a list of the common mistakes that could delay receiving your Passport on time.

  1. Don’t wear a costume….you may look totally awesome in the Big Bird costume, but the US State Department requires you to were something less stylish.  They recommend to wear your everyday clothing to take your photo.  Along with this recommendation, wearing a uniform is not allowed as well.
  2. The new eye spec’s show you styling and profiling, but as November 2016 no glasses are allowed in the passport photos.
  3. All the pictures Grandma takes and ask you smile real big…No smiling in your passport photo..not even a grin.
  4. No black/white photos, only color is allowed.
  5. No hats or covering that obscures apart of face or hairline.

If you following these recommendations…getting your Passport Photo should a breeze.  Stop by Dilworth Packing Company to take your Passport Photo